What is Treasure Coast Collaborative Law Group, Inc.?

TCCLG is a group of attorneys, mediators, mental health professionals, and financial professionals who work together to promote the collaborative process in family law conflicts in our area.  Our goal is to educate the public about the benefits of collaborative law versus traditional litigation in resolving disputes, and to help divorcing couples preserve their relationship without going to court.  We aim to promote peaceful resolutions of disputes while reducing stress and litigation fees, with the goal of preserving healthy family relationships.

Featured Member
Featured Collaborative Law Attorney Jeffrey Battista, an attorney who has been practicing on the Treasure Coast for some 20 years, is one of our founding members at Treasure Coast Collaborative Law Group. Attorney Battista, a University of Florida Law School graduate, has worked as a prosecutor for the State in the 19th Judicial Circuit as well as having been a Hearing Court Officer since 2017. Attorney Battista also has been recognized, not only for his achievements, but also for his potential. Superlawyers Magazine has thrice awarded him their “Rising Star” recognition. Most importantly for the Collaborative Law client, Jeff has many years experience in dealing with divorce cases, witnessing first-hand how the process of litigation in divorce costs families money, time and emotion which they do not have to spare. We are proud to have Attorney Jeffrey Battista as a member of our practice group.
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The Main Benefits of Collaborative Law:

  • The spouses play a much more active role in deciding their future rather than relying on a judge.
  • The spouses can express or “vent” whatever they need to in order to move the process forward without being told it is “irrelevant.”
  • It is often less expensive in dollars, and involves much less stress and anxiety than litigation.
  • It is faster than prolonged litigation, without multiple hearings, depositions and trial.
  • The spouses have more control over the timing of resolution without having to deal with jammed Court dockets.
  • It is much more private and confidential than the sometimes “dirty laundry airing” which public courtrooms encourage.
  • The process helps the spouses build the trust needed for working together in the future, which is especially important if there are children involved.

Is Collaborative Law Right for me?

  • Do you want to divorce without waging an expensive war with your spouse which you might “lose”?
  • Do you want to divorce amicably with an eye on the future but still protect yourself?
  • Do you want privacy in the process of dissolving your marriage without all the community knowing and having access to your most private, personal information?
  • Are you ready to be part of a team working to make the best of the bad situation which is the end of your marriage?
  • Do you care about maintaining/creating a respectful dialogue and healthy relationship with your spouse and/or the other parent of your child?
  • If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Collaborative Law might be best suited for you and your partner in resolving your disputes.

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